Tuesday, August 30, 2016

William Ho – Finding himself and his dream on the race track

Many would ask, what makes a great race car driver? Clocking the best time? Getting podium finishes from one championship to another?
Getting the best time or a podium finish may make for a successful race car driver, but that alone is not enough. Attitude and personality make a great driver. When you think of an F1 driver, don’t Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton immediately come to mind, for some of you? People remember great people not just for their achievements, but for their personality and attitude. Albeit F1 drivers, they are nonetheless considered race car drivers with great character.

So, how can one try to achieve this “greatness”?

For KL-ite William Ho, some of his life experiences have spurred him towards his passion for racing. A single father of one, he has learnt to juggle life - holding a full time job and also indulging in his passion for racing, all at the same time. William drives for KOLEJ VOKASIONAL in the 2016 S1000KM Endurance Race. 

It has been no easy feat, being a single father, sole breadwinner and racer, but for William, the support of his son means most in his desire to do what he loves – racing.

William’s passion for wheels started off with bicycles, not cars, surprisingly. According to him, this was when he was in secondary school, before getting his driver’s licence. His best mate in school was the first between them to get a driver’s licence and a car, and with that, the two friends fed their need for speed, like many boys do. The adrenaline rush was a lure – and lured into racing William was. 

After William got his own car a few years later, his friend introduced him to a local rally. He spent much time perfecting his manoeuvres in the plantations near where he lived, busting his moves with the handbrake and learning many invaluable lessons on automotive control.

William put his racing dream on hold when marriage and family came along. Not that he complained, but the idea of racing did not occur to him due to his commitments – until a turning point in his life. Devastated by a divorce and on the brink of depression, he needed to find himself again – and the opportunity came when one of his friends then asked him, “Would you like to race for me?” He did not spend much time pondering what was in store for him, but simply answered yes. Today, he thanks his friend for that opportunity, and has not looked back since. William Ho was back on the race track, enjoying every moment of it and now sharing that passion and joy with his son.

William relishes every moment when he crosses the finish line and sees his son beaming with pride and happiness, cheering on his father. If there is one lesson William can take from his life experiences, it is that even if you are down and out and everything seems to have been taken from you, no one can take away your dream

This is the story of William Ho - race car driver, single father, a simple man with a big dream and affable personality - and that makes him just as great. His message to all is ‘Work hard, chase your passions and dreams, and no matter the hardships, things will work out in the end. All things are possible!’

Don’t miss the chance to witness William racing during this weekend’s Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race from 1 to 4 September 2016 at Sepang International Circuit. For more information on the race, check it out at Sepang International Circuit’s website.

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