Monday, October 24, 2016

Women Behind the Wheels

Just that phrase alone sparks debate, philosophy, even anger. Are there enough women influencing the top echelons of the sport? If not, why not, and what can be done about it? Women in Motorsport.

Yvonne Yap is the unfamiliar name to everyone but a unique identity in the world of Motorsports. Motorsport is one of the few sporting activities in which men and women can compete alongside each other on an equal footing, yet as they currently make up only eight percent of registered licence holders, women are hugely under-represented among competitors.

You must first love the machine, the speed and the whole of motorsport.

I did not wake up one morning and transform overnight from a noob to motoring publicist but determination, persistence and frequent personal reminders of my dream concocted the position I am in today. 

If motorsport is ever going to achieve its full potential as a product, it needs to appeal to and be inclusive of  the widest possible demographic. That means it’s just as important to engage women as it is men.

People laughed at me when I started writing about cars but it took a few to notice I am into something.Lately, I get emails from unknown racers asking me how to find budgets. From photo shooting, public appearances arrangements and lots of PR works need to be done. I stay up until the early hours finishing proposals for sponsors. That’s the kind of commitment you need. I admit I am very fortunate to be fast enough and in the right place at the right time, but it's proof that it is achievable. I honestly think it’s just a matter of time before the balance is a lot more even, but whether that’s 10 years, 20 years or even longer than that, I just don’t know.

Every human being only lives once, so why not live life doing what you love? There is endless truth to the saying, “Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life.”

Imagine the dream, believe the dream, and endlessly pursue the dream.

One can choose to be their biggest cheerleader or their own worst enemy. Each person has unique talents and capabilities; capitalising on and maximising your skills are valuable assets to making your dream a reality.

It was a message which combined both respect for the past and hope for the future.

Achieving personal dreams can be daunting, but each individual’s goals are what set them apart as unique. Challenge yourself to imagine the dream, believe the dream, and endlessly pursue the dream.

Because what is life without dreams and what is living without pursuit?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

It Was Wet and Hot

Mean Machine is Malaysia’s longest running and most successful international motoring and motorsport event.

Last week at Mean Machines Juru Autocity hosted the final ride with the one last sexiest car wash occurrence. Sponsored by Chemical Guys Malaysia, the professional global automotive detailing and car care product company from Southern California, USA, the Chemical Guys Sexy Car Wash was one of the main attraction in the largest after-market car event Malaysia.

Holla !

Let's Rock the Car Event with One Final Sexy Wash

All Over Me

The Mean Machine Event lasted till Late Night.

Sunny Honey
The One Last Ride With The Final Wash 

All pictures are extracted from Mean Machine Facebook Page
all credits goes to their official photographer The BLK

No PDF Press Release, PLEASE!

Recently, I have been receiving tonnes of press release written by Fucktards. Press releases are a presentation of facts that are sent to media in the hope that they will get published and turned into stories. Correct me if I am wrong.

How you write a press release is determined by the 'who, what, when, where, why and how?', i.e. what's the story about? When's it happening? Who's involved? Where's it taking place? How is it happening? Why is it happening? So when you've painstakingly put together your own press release only to find that nothing gets published, how do you find out where you're going wrong? Hello?

MY MOST HATED! You used a PDF……….PDFs are an absolute pain for any members of the media. They are difficult to extract information from and are so annoying that I simply delete any press releases I receive in this format. Seems harsh but they take up so much of my time that I have grown to despise them. I cannot emphasise this enough..PLEASE do not use PDFs. 

if you have issue churning a good piece of a press release. Please give me a call, I will reckon a good Editorial Strategist for you. Your press release requires an entire re-write? Biggest Joke of the day. I received some press releases are so poorly written that it's difficult to understand what they are actually about.

Don’t becoming a pain in the arse for everyone..If someone is constantly nagging a writer with questions like 'when is my story going to get published?', then they'll be more inclined to move your press release straight to the trash can. Let's face it! None of us likes to be hassled. It only leaves a bad taste in our mouths. To keep the writer sweet, don't chase too much and don't become a pain. Respect them and understand that you can't secure coverage for everything, as it's really up to them.

Monday, October 3, 2016

#WEARITPINK - When Men Care !

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and showing your support is one of the most wonderful things you can do. Whether you've lost someone to breast cancer, know a breast cancer survivor, or simply want to help, there are many ways that you can get involved with the fight against this horrible disease, which continues to claim thousands of lives each year .

Women are amazing. You know this. I know this. Everyone (should) know this. Simply because we have a pair breast that’s our assets. Knowledge is power, my friends, and in the case of breast cancer, it is life-saving power.

#WearItPink - Breast Awareness campaign bringing Cars Industry and People to boost the awareness of the campaign.

So what did William from Mypinkgarage and Junior from My Chemical Guys did? While donating to research is an obvious choice, it is not the only way to go about showing your support during the month of October. From participating in marathons to wearing pink ribbons to simply spreading the word, there are tons of ways for men to get involved this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now start thinking pink, gentlemen, and let's go kick some cancer ass.

Time Out
Time is money, so they have donated their time to raise the awareness campaigns to shout out about screening, fundraising events and etc etc. William and Junior was online Facebook LIVE to shout out about this awareness and got themselves into the Water Challenge along with the publics.

Talk About It
It might seem like it's nothing, but spreading the word on self-screenings and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a huge way to get involved. Whether it's sending out a message or sharing links on your social media accounts, the more they both talk about it, the better. Also, if you know any breast cancer survivors, talk to them! Ask them to share their stories and voice their thoughts. Let's keep the conversation going!

Break the Stigma, Men Are Also Susceptible to Breast Cancer

Though its rates are significantly lower than women's, men are susceptible to breast cancer as well. That being said, this is everyone's fight. They are trying to spread the news and encourage the men y to check themselves for any signs or symptoms of the disease. While less than one percent of breast cancer cases are attributed to men, they still happen, and they still need to be treated. Help break the stigma, and turn breast cancer awareness into a co-ed discussion.

If they are able to do it, be part of the cure. Stay PINK!

#WearItPink 's schedule as below: 

- Fahrenheit88 Mall KL 10am - 8pm
- Mean Machine 2016, Autocity Juru, penang 11am - 9pm

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Day at Detailing University!

A day‘s life revolves around cars. They belong to Chemical Guys Malaysia‘s customers, and I washes my weekend car (Volkswagen Golf TSI) for a day. For many, it might be the lowest class job but to some it gave the satisfaction to their customers.

The young people on the streets of the Kuala Lumpur all have a story to tell of how they ended up there: glam lifestyle, corporate ladder, and some battling to survive by their wits. This is my story – a day at Detailing University.

“Everyone loves cruising around in a clean car, but it takes a lot of work.” I don’t think anybody can deny, you climb into your car after it’s been dirty and now it’s nice and clean inside and out–it definitely makes you feel good.

A full day of scrubbing off bugs, cleaning tires, vacuuming seats, and polishing and drying the car while being careful not to mix the special designated towels, it’s clear the job is best left to the professionals.

I love my own car. I really do. It has its quirks, sure, and they can be annoying to deal with at times but find me a car that isn’t like that. You have to take the good with the not so good.

Because I love my weekend car , I try to keep it as clean as I can. Living in Malaysia, doing so can be difficult. With tropical country that leave our roads looking like impassable potholes and dirt's, there are times when many cars in this country share the same dirty shade of salt-stained white.

I often take my own car to a roadside wash booth (usually on the weekend) for a pressure wash bath and a good vacuuming. I’ve done so for years and my cars have been kept reasonably clean as a result.

But, recently I found out that I could learn more about caring my car through The Chemical Guys Malaysia approach to car detailing is holistic, covering everything inside and out, including the engine bay (home to a lot of grime, in my case).

First up, my weekend car was thoroughly rinsed to get some of the surface dirt off and prepare it for washing.

Chemical Guys Malaysia recommend inspecting the paint at the beginning of the driving season in order to determine whether it needs to be cleaned with a clay bar. In most cases, the answer is yes, and it was different from my case because the car was brand new from Volkswagen showroom.

What is a Clay bar? A clay bar removes layers of dirt from the paint so the finish can be properly cleaned. The clay bar should never be used on a dry surface, hence the need for Clay Bar Lube, a Chemical Guys product that helps the clay bar pick up dirt. After using it, the surface of some old car was noticeably smoother and ready to be washed.

After a thorough rinsing, it was time to get my hands wet and wash my weekend car.

They recommended using a two-bucket system – one bucket with soap and water (Chemical Guys’ Citrus Wash & Gloss, in this instance) and one with only water, which will be used for rinsing. The reason for doing so is simple: it keeps the dirty water (and the harsh abrasives it contains) from coming into contact with the car’s surface, which can damage the paint.

After washing and rinsing the car a few times, including a couple that involved the use of a foam cannon hooked up to an air compressor (a first for me) FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this car was looking much, much cleaner than it had ever been before I picked him up at the showroom. Chemical Guys used a wheel dressing product to make my weekend rubber shine like new.

Generally, my weekend car’s interior and exterior is clean. The people and the customers are world class. The work there can be demanding but very rewarding. 

I had some good times there and learned a lot about car detailing.If you wanna check them out, do refer to this link :

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Joey Teo - The Sky’s The Limit

Being a racer is not always what it's cracked up to be.  As in trying to achieve a dream, there are most certainly hurdles and adversity to overcome. The question that we should all ask ourselves is, how far are we willing to go for that dream to be reality.

When you talk about racing most people think of a four wheels not two.  But Joey Teo Yew Joe has had passion in the two wheel motorsports from as far as he can remember.  Back then, it was a norm that bikes were disapproved and the reason would normally be because of safety. However, with passion fueling him, he went ahead to chase his dream even willing to sneak over to his friend’s house to watch his all-time idol Wayne Rainey and Schwantz, Doohan.

No matter how many challenges he faced in pursuing his dreams, he never gave up. He managed to raise enough money from his first job and bought an Aprilia RS250. Now buying a bike and riding one are two completely different things. Joey had little knowledge on how to ride a bike, let alone race and almost met with a fatal accident when he first took it out for a spin. 

His first race was of course in Sepang International Circuit which was also his first wipeout at Turn 1 due to the lack of experience. Even with that incident, Joey did not give up and continued to learn and practice in order to overcome his shortcomings.

in 2011, he saved up to buy his second bike, the ZX6R. His mentor William Chean had just passed away in 2010, which got him thinking that life was too short to keep on dreaming and he decided to participate in a race organised by Sepang International Circuit, The Malaysian Super Series. 

“I remember it was the last round in 2010 and I sat at the south paddock overlooking the superbike race. In the pack, I saw this yellow CBR 1000rr who took a faster line than the rest and on stock fairings, taped lights, stock standard out of the showroom, racing with the rest of the power pack. He made it to the top 5! I told myself that I want to be as skilled as this guy one day and as fate may have it, the following year I met this man who changed my life forever, Mr Lee Ching Hooi,”said Joey. 

With passion driving Joey, he worked hard practicing with Lee on a dirt track, he was far from being the fastest on the track  but Lee was very patient with him. Week after week, Joey toiled through practice  to make it to his first race and in 2011, he made 2.30 above per lap and was then Azlan Shah and Zamri Baba's back marker.

Joey raced with Sportsrider from 2012-2014 and was a paying rider and in 2015. After that he left Sportsrider to go to TWG garage.  As luck would have it, Full Throttle offered up theirHonda CB600 race bike for sale, and he bought the bike. In WorldSBK it was his first ride on the Honda, a significantly slower bike but he made his first 2:16. 2015 ended as it is and in early 2016, Joey left TWG to start his own team.

He will be racing for PRIVATEERS in his Honda CBR 600 in the Supersport A category, Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship. Be sure to catch him racing this weekend at Sepang Circuit and check him out - #16. 

“My passion and my dream have been a big part for me living my life, to the fullest, my way.  Make sure you never look back and regret but keep overcoming hurdles and challenges you face and forward.” - Joey Teo, #16 PRIVATEERS.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Evolution of Racer in Salaries and Sponsorships

With income attached to advertising dollars, driver salaries are directly tied to the popularity of the sport. For those with talent, it's a natural, step-by-step process.

As I stepped back into motorsports scene. The questions from everyone are getting more and more complicated. Years ago, people would to ask me “When will you publish my articles”? Or alternatively “Hey, remember those press releases”  

Now, people would to ask me “what is your 2017 plan for your two racers?, will they be racing in international series? , How much do they earn?”

First comes the desire to drive racing cars. Then, with a verifiable display of talent and success, comes the desire to get paid to drive those racing cars.
The desire part is easy. And the getting paid part? It gets harder every year, even for proven winners and past champions.

It was a very different era, tobacco money was a big part of things; it paid for so much of the racing and as a knock-on effect, the driver salaries. But with all of the sporting bans on tobacco advertising, you really saw all that money dry up rather quickly. And, to be fair, it was never really replaced.

I learned of one race-winning Series driver, a person driving for a well-funded team who had been making 5,000,000 per year to ply his trade, which seems like a paltry sum with the risks involved of racing at over 300kmph on circuits and north of 180 kmph on some road and street courses between 16 and 19 times a year. 

Tobacco makers have been barred from sponsorship nearly everywhere. What hits closest to home for us is motorsports. But why were they banned? They gave good salaries to drivers. Some notion that it'll make people healthier? Well, it's bullshit and we need them back. Now.

First, let me name all the cons that come with letting cigarette companies sponsor motorsports:...ummmm. Oh, maybe some people will choose on their own to begin smoking even though they know all of the health risks?
Ok, with that out of the way, let me name some of the specialists.

Budgets: Cigarette companies make boat loads of cash. Boat loads. Their investment in motorsports led to unprecedented levels of growth and investment. I have no doubt that Formula One is on the level that it is now thanks to the investment and promotion that was afforded to the series through decades of tobacco involvement. 

Drivers: With big budgets came amazing drivers. Ever wish that we didn't need pay drivers in any series? Cigarettes are the answer. Teams would have money to hire who they pleased, not every dicks that comes to the door with a bucket of cash and the unique ability to crash into everything. It wouldn't eliminate pay drivers, but it sure would slow down the epidemic.

Liveries: Holy crap. The liveries. Marlboro McLaren and Team Penske. John Player Special Team Lotus. Gitanes Ligier. Rothmans Porsche and Williams. Mild Seven Benetton. These are the liveries you remember when you think of motorsports. Now what do we have? Energy drinks and banks. 

Lifestyle: Smoking is dangerous. Racing is dangerous. If ever there was a sport that cigarettes could be related to, it's motorsports. No matter what safety advances there have been in racing, it's still an unbelievably dangerous undertaking, like smoking. But the drivers are so health conscious these days that you won't see Vettel lighting up a Virginia Slim after a race win or Button taking a drag of a West when he's passed by Kevin Magnussen. However, you will see Kimi Raikkonen constantly smoking Marlboro Reds because that's just what I imagine Kimi would do.

A cigarette sponsorship of a racing team does not immediately mean that you need to start smoking. You are still allowed to think for yourself. See, you have a brain which allows you to have independent thought. You don't need to be part of a collective that sees a cigarette sponsorship and then goes off and smokes themselves to death. Nope. You can do whatever you want!

For all the risks that come with the job, you'd like to see guys making more than a greater value for what they must do to earn that money. You could say the salaries reflect the times, but that doesn't change the inherent danger in what we do. Those two points seem to be going farther away than coming together.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

William Ho – Finding himself and his dream on the race track

Many would ask, what makes a great race car driver? Clocking the best time? Getting podium finishes from one championship to another?
Getting the best time or a podium finish may make for a successful race car driver, but that alone is not enough. Attitude and personality make a great driver. When you think of an F1 driver, don’t Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton immediately come to mind, for some of you? People remember great people not just for their achievements, but for their personality and attitude. Albeit F1 drivers, they are nonetheless considered race car drivers with great character.

So, how can one try to achieve this “greatness”?

For KL-ite William Ho, some of his life experiences have spurred him towards his passion for racing. A single father of one, he has learnt to juggle life - holding a full time job and also indulging in his passion for racing, all at the same time. William drives for KOLEJ VOKASIONAL in the 2016 S1000KM Endurance Race. 

It has been no easy feat, being a single father, sole breadwinner and racer, but for William, the support of his son means most in his desire to do what he loves – racing.

William’s passion for wheels started off with bicycles, not cars, surprisingly. According to him, this was when he was in secondary school, before getting his driver’s licence. His best mate in school was the first between them to get a driver’s licence and a car, and with that, the two friends fed their need for speed, like many boys do. The adrenaline rush was a lure – and lured into racing William was. 

After William got his own car a few years later, his friend introduced him to a local rally. He spent much time perfecting his manoeuvres in the plantations near where he lived, busting his moves with the handbrake and learning many invaluable lessons on automotive control.

William put his racing dream on hold when marriage and family came along. Not that he complained, but the idea of racing did not occur to him due to his commitments – until a turning point in his life. Devastated by a divorce and on the brink of depression, he needed to find himself again – and the opportunity came when one of his friends then asked him, “Would you like to race for me?” He did not spend much time pondering what was in store for him, but simply answered yes. Today, he thanks his friend for that opportunity, and has not looked back since. William Ho was back on the race track, enjoying every moment of it and now sharing that passion and joy with his son.

William relishes every moment when he crosses the finish line and sees his son beaming with pride and happiness, cheering on his father. If there is one lesson William can take from his life experiences, it is that even if you are down and out and everything seems to have been taken from you, no one can take away your dream

This is the story of William Ho - race car driver, single father, a simple man with a big dream and affable personality - and that makes him just as great. His message to all is ‘Work hard, chase your passions and dreams, and no matter the hardships, things will work out in the end. All things are possible!’

Don’t miss the chance to witness William racing during this weekend’s Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race from 1 to 4 September 2016 at Sepang International Circuit. For more information on the race, check it out at Sepang International Circuit’s website.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

When I Say I’m Proud of You - William Ho

When I tell someone I’m “proud” of you or you achievements on podium in a situation, I’m not stating this out of a sense of ownership and propriety of them. What “I’m proud of you” is saying is for one reason or another, I relate to you and your experience. I feel similar to you in some way, and seeing someone like me do what you just did makes me proud of that identity I share with you.

I’m a huge fan of motorsports. I always hide myself in media center of race circuit because there is no reason for me to find who’s wining. So on game day you can typically find me deck out at the pits cheering for you. We are connected to a common thing we share. Seeing you win is seeing a team with whom I relate win. To say “I’m proud of you William Ho” is saying the team race well.

To say you’re proud of someone is to say that you can relate to them and, if in their shoes, you would be proud of the accomplishment.

The expected response is a humble and grateful ‘Thank-you.’ I respond ‘Why? I didn’t do it for you. I did it for myself.’ Remember that William, you are doing it all for yourself.

When you live in the public eye, when you make you’re living on television, the radio, the Internet, or anywhere you’re placed regularly in front of people, your audience will build a sense of familiarity with you. They watch the same motorsports news channels because we like the personalities of the anchors. 

When you stand in front of a group, like it or not, you immediately become a proxy representative of individuals within that group who relate to you either by common background, shared experience, or even just perceived similarity. You become a symbol of what “someone like me” can achieve. Whether you did something for yourself or others, your achievement is still reflected as something achieved by “someone like me or I want to be like him one day.”

Who you did “it” for is beyond the point. The fact is you accomplished something and someone else was inspired by your accomplishment.

You are suddenly transformed. A wave of excitement and joyful anticipation washes over you. The day is going to be amazing, filled with surprises, fun, and celebration. You feel fully alive at that moment. Is that peak experience of living really possible on a regular basis? Yes it is. I have it in my own life, and I see it in others every day.

You will never be my marketing tool, you are someone that I want you to know that you are worth more than anything else. Don’t drift away by your pain, there always be someone who want to see you smile again and say “ I am proud of you and your achievement”

You are a jerk, you dragged me back to Motorsport along with you. It is time  for you pay it back by giving me the proudest moment of yours.

I am proud of you!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Danger is Real,Fear is a Choice in Motorsports

This a very dangerous sport. It always has been, how many people we know that are no longer with us? The drivers, the riders, I fully aware of that. Every time they hop into that race car or a bike, I don't know if they are going to come out of it .If they are going to come out of it in one piece. I knew it, the moment I decided to manage 2 racers at one go. The come back to Motorsports is way painful.

That's what I have to live with and that's what makes me different than other people. Not everybody can do this. It is tough, it's never easy to see a friend of yours get hurt or lose a friend of yours. But this is the sport I chose. Fate brought 3 of us together.

Not to be rude to anybody in the track but if you don't feel comfortable with that, then I think they should not be in the race car or bike.

In regards to the fact that most of these wrecks are ending up with cars upside down. When people crash, anything can happen. And those were four completely different accidents. I trust the engineers, the guys who build the aero kits. I'm not concerned. I'm ready to put my driver on a good engagement show for the fans that are coming here to watch him race. Accidents happen and we hate them, but its part of our job.

I would be talking about something that I don't fully understand so my opinion is irrelevant. What I do understand is that when they crash, they have a risk to flip. Especially bike, there is no such thing as roll cage.

Am I willing to take that emotional risk? ... 100%? We come as a team, we go home as a team. You both are now mine.

It's like when you're little and you fall off your bicycle and your dad puts you right back on and says go ride it.

When the day finally come, I think it’s unsafe I will feel the fear, I can be anywhere in the world’s circuits, without anyone but my racer and my team and I will feel scare,  that is the day you see me on the other side of the camera. I am their publicist, they are my racers, and I want to see them race, that is the emotional fear that I need to bear and hold. 

This is how three of us are wired. This is who we are.