Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Day at Detailing University!

A day‘s life revolves around cars. They belong to Chemical Guys Malaysia‘s customers, and I washes my weekend car (Volkswagen Golf TSI) for a day. For many, it might be the lowest class job but to some it gave the satisfaction to their customers.

The young people on the streets of the Kuala Lumpur all have a story to tell of how they ended up there: glam lifestyle, corporate ladder, and some battling to survive by their wits. This is my story – a day at Detailing University.

“Everyone loves cruising around in a clean car, but it takes a lot of work.” I don’t think anybody can deny, you climb into your car after it’s been dirty and now it’s nice and clean inside and out–it definitely makes you feel good.

A full day of scrubbing off bugs, cleaning tires, vacuuming seats, and polishing and drying the car while being careful not to mix the special designated towels, it’s clear the job is best left to the professionals.

I love my own car. I really do. It has its quirks, sure, and they can be annoying to deal with at times but find me a car that isn’t like that. You have to take the good with the not so good.

Because I love my weekend car , I try to keep it as clean as I can. Living in Malaysia, doing so can be difficult. With tropical country that leave our roads looking like impassable potholes and dirt's, there are times when many cars in this country share the same dirty shade of salt-stained white.

I often take my own car to a roadside wash booth (usually on the weekend) for a pressure wash bath and a good vacuuming. I’ve done so for years and my cars have been kept reasonably clean as a result.

But, recently I found out that I could learn more about caring my car through The Chemical Guys Malaysia approach to car detailing is holistic, covering everything inside and out, including the engine bay (home to a lot of grime, in my case).

First up, my weekend car was thoroughly rinsed to get some of the surface dirt off and prepare it for washing.

Chemical Guys Malaysia recommend inspecting the paint at the beginning of the driving season in order to determine whether it needs to be cleaned with a clay bar. In most cases, the answer is yes, and it was different from my case because the car was brand new from Volkswagen showroom.

What is a Clay bar? A clay bar removes layers of dirt from the paint so the finish can be properly cleaned. The clay bar should never be used on a dry surface, hence the need for Clay Bar Lube, a Chemical Guys product that helps the clay bar pick up dirt. After using it, the surface of some old car was noticeably smoother and ready to be washed.

After a thorough rinsing, it was time to get my hands wet and wash my weekend car.

They recommended using a two-bucket system – one bucket with soap and water (Chemical Guys’ Citrus Wash & Gloss, in this instance) and one with only water, which will be used for rinsing. The reason for doing so is simple: it keeps the dirty water (and the harsh abrasives it contains) from coming into contact with the car’s surface, which can damage the paint.

After washing and rinsing the car a few times, including a couple that involved the use of a foam cannon hooked up to an air compressor (a first for me) FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this car was looking much, much cleaner than it had ever been before I picked him up at the showroom. Chemical Guys used a wheel dressing product to make my weekend rubber shine like new.

Generally, my weekend car’s interior and exterior is clean. The people and the customers are world class. The work there can be demanding but very rewarding. 

I had some good times there and learned a lot about car detailing.If you wanna check them out, do refer to this link : http://www.mychemicalguys.com/.

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